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Poker news

Tony Poulengris Wins Event #4 at National Poker League in British Open

On August 18th, 2007, poker event number four of the National Poker League British open was the tournament's second 1,250 pounds No Limit Holdem poker event. With the fifteen participants converging at the Loose Cannon Club in London, it was Tony Poulengris who won the biggest part of the 18,750 pounds cash pool.

Poulengris, who play under the name, Enigma, join top pros like Dave Colclough and Mel Judah as event winners at the British Open. Another poker pro also made a good run for the top spot with Roland De Wolfe also making the final table of the event.

The players and total chips counts before the final table were Andrew Feldman with 27,100 in total chips, Darren Woods with 26,000 in total chips, Roland De Wolfe with 19,775 in total chips, Guy Bowles with 12,000 in total chips, Tony Poulengris with 10,500 in total chips and Gary Jones with 9,575 in total chips. Jones was unable to compensate for the short stack and busted out of the table after 19 hands.

Jones still had the advantage after the flop in K-eight-seven but an ace card on the turn and a 6 on the river by De Wolfe defeated Jones. About 5 hands after that, De Wolfe defeated Guy Bowles as the latter moved all in with his pocket 6's. De Wolfe called Bowles with a K-three paired up his King card at the flop K-T-five. Bowles finished in fifth place. Then it was De Wolfe's turn to be eliminated from the table. He went all in with K-Q and was promptly called by Poulengris who had an A-K.

De Wolfe won 1,850 pounds by finishing in 4th place. Feldman still had the lead when there are three players left in the table. He managed to extend his lead by $10,000 over Woods and Poulengris but was ultimately unsuccessful in the end. Poulengris drove Woods to the rail with an A-J and Woods re-raised with a pocket deuce.

Poulengris then called Woods and used his K-Q-eight-J-six together with his Jack card to win him the cash pot. Poulengris was still trailing in total chips in a showdown with Feldman until the latter re-raised with an A-nine and called by Poulengris who had a J-eight.

A flop of eight-seven-three gave a pair of cards to Poulengris and after Feldman wagered $8,000, Poulengris called all-in. It took a while before Feldman decided to call and after a ten card and a four on the river, he was out of the tournament.

Tony Poulengris finished in 1st place with 8,400 pounds, Andrew Feldman finished in 2nd place with Andrew Feldman with 5,650 pounds, Darren Woods finished in 3rd place with 2,850 pounds, Roland De Wolfe finished in 4th place with 1,850, Guy Bowles finished in 5th place and Gary Jones finished in 6th place. Bowles and Jones did not take home any cash prize.


10/16/2007, Tuesday
Todd Sanders

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