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Poker tournaments articles

Poker Tournament Etiquette

Poker Tournament Etiquette is a very important part of poker. When so much is at stake it is very easy for people to lose their composure and cool. This is due to people being very competitive, toss in the money which is at stake and then add in bad beats and people can and often go ballistic. This is why it is critical that poker tournament etiquette is adhered to at all times and that things are played in a good spirit and atmosphere.

Given that what things should be done so that poker tournament etiquette is maintained?

Wait Your Turn - Only play when it is your turn. If you don’t you will be the one penalized for your actions as the others can see what you wanted to do.

Limit the Talking - The less you talk the better. Talking is very inflammatory at the poker table. Even if you are trying to be sincere there is every chance your comments are coming across as smug and conceited. This is after the hand. During the hand definitely do not say anything even if you have folded and are out of the hand. Especially avoid commenting on anyone’s style of play. Poker players tend to get very sensitive when their style of poker play is commented on, mocked or made fun of. Most problems at the poker table have their roots in people saying the wrong thing at the wrong time. Regardless of whether you win the hand or lose the hand - be gracious. Nothing worse than someone who is petulant and is a bad winner or bad loser.

No Splashing- Splashing is when you throw your chips in the middle which causes them to go everywhere.

No Strings attached - Strings Bets is when you say “I’ll call your 300 ………and raise you another 500.” Many places will only accept your first bet.

Show One Show All - If you show someone your hand you have to show everyone.

Pay Attention - This mean no cellphones, no talking, no toilet breaks in the middle of a hand. It is ok to take your time but there comes a point when things can become excessive. Don't take forever to make your decision and if it is your turn to play then pay attention and don't be talking or daydreaming.

Lastly poker tournament etiquette just revolves around you being a mature adult and doing the right thing. If you start to do something stupid that will most likely provoke people. So have this is mind whether you are face to face or playing in online poker tournaments. If everyone does this and tries to ensure that etiquette is abided by the poker tournament will be a lot more enjoyable and everyone will have a better time. You’d be surprised how often good karma is rewarded with good cards and good results.

Todd Sanders

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