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Poker tournaments articles

Creating a Playing Impression on Other Poker Tournament Players

Poker tournaments have a lot to do with the impression you make on other players. The impression you make can be of a loose player or of a tight player, and it will influence how they react and play against you. The way you bluff also has a big effect.

The first stage of the poker tournament involved small stakes placed in the game. This means that for those games you have the option to play a looser poker game from early on in the tournament. Because these are low stakes games, their result will not factor in as much as later games in the poker tournament.

After you play a couple of loose games, the more experienced players will notice your game strategy, and create a poker player profile of you as a loose player. You can maintain the loose playing for as long as you'd like. The importance of playing it loose, from early on, influences later on levels in the poker tournament. In later levels of the poker tournament, when other players expect you to play a loose game again, then do you play it tight and thus manage to fool the opponent.

An important thing to remember is that for poker tournaments the tables keep changing and players keep in rotation. This might mean that the false impression of a loose player, that you were trying to create, can become useless if the table and all the poker players are switched.

Player's Impression for Later Tournament Rounds

The loose play that you will develop during the first levels needs then to change into a much tighter game. Poker tournament players usually take a long time to change the impression they have developed of other players. This means that even if you change your strategy entirely, and play a strictly tight game all through the middle poker tournament levels, most players, even professional ones, will take a long time to catch up with your new strategy. It is recommended that, once in a while, you imbed a loose betting round in the series of tight plays.

In the last few levels of the poker tournament, starting from the forth level, another change is required, wherein the impression you are trying to make needs to remain of a tight player, but one which tries to snatch large pots when he can. This strategy will be helpful in causing other players to go broke, and will improve your standing in the poker tournament.

Todd Sanders.
Senior Editor

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