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Poker tournaments articles

Combining Loose Play in Poker Tournament Games

The main advantage of playing loose poker tournament games is that you can make a lot of your opponents go broke after a short time period.

Learning to combine tight and loose plays is a different method than simply playing it tight all the time, and what it basically means, is that you develop the ability to notice, while playing the tournament poker games, what is the difference between your hand and the rest of the players hands, and the minute you notice that you have an edge of some sort over the rest of the players, you follow your instinct and try and bet as much as possible. What you are doing her is trying to cultivate a certain playing image at the table.

Combining tight and loose play - The best possible method of playing online poker tournaments, is a combination of sometimes playing tight games and sometimes loose ones. The first step, that will eventually make you into a more dynamic player, able to switch from loose play to tight play, is to develop the skills to monitor your poker tournament game.

You will need to write down the percentage of poker rounds you play from the general number of rounds you attend. For example, you can choose to write down how many rounds you played out of a hundred poker tournament games. You can also mark down how many hands you play every hour. If you play more than 4 hands an hour, it will be an indication for you that you are not a tight player.

Once you visit a poker tournament, you'll notice that the players are playing a different way than in regular poker games. This is because they know, that if they lose all of their money, they are immediately out of the race, and they won't not be able to play in the poker tournament anymore.

Noticing other players - The most important factor that tells you whether to be a tight or loose player, is how other players are behaving in the game. If you do not have any knowledge about the other players' cards and bets, you should play it as tight as possible. An example of this is if you are on the gun and need to bet first. Paying your starting hands can also be improved by using this method of playing.

If you notice other players raised or bet in the round, you should also play it tight. However, if you see most of your opponents folding or simply calling, you need to try and play it loose, and win as much as you can. When your opponents play like this, it is true that they might be bluffing their poker hand, but it is also part of your duty as a good tournament poker player, to identify bluff bets from real bets.

Jim Barns, Market Analyst

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