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Poker tournaments articles

Increase Your Chances to Win Poker Tournament Prizes

To reach the largest poker tournament prizes you can, you need to consider a few factors, that are not common knowledge, that can influence the final tournament prize you end up with. Poker tournament awards and prizes differ from the regular methods of poker prizes, and vary according to the specific poker tournament played.

Every player that enters a poker tournament pays an initial entry fee in order to join the tournament. This fee is added to the total pot that is given as reward by the end of the poker tournament. Most poker tournaments divide the tournament prizes between three or more of the top poker tournament players. This means that one of the most important goals you'll want to play towards is that most players go broke, so you can receive the largest poker tournament prize money.

Perhaps the biggest difference with poker tournaments is that you can advance in poker tournament position while not playing, but simply through the viewing of the game. Watching poker tournament from the side, gives you the option to come nearer to the final prize, while not risking losing in the poker tournament.

If you are playing in the poker tournament table, and you have the option to either play against a player with a large sum of money and a player with a small amount, it is sometimes advised to play against the smaller stack. This is because, even though you can win more money playing a player with a larger stack, playing against a low fund player gives you the opportunity to make him go broke, and get him out of the poker tournament. This way you can advance your position, and eventually win larger tournament prizes.

Another way of improving your odds of reaching the top tournament prizes is by avoiding large and careless wagers. Even if you have a hand that you are almost sure will win, you have to consider the fact that you can always lose the round, and that if you enter a poker tournament game, and place all your funds in one game, you can find yourself later out of the race.

If you are in the match against one player, and you know that another player will benefit just by viewing the game, it means you should play a tighter poker tournament game, and fold on hands you would usually play with. This can lower that player's odds of receiving the poker tournament prizes, and also lower the sum of his tournament prize.

The largest poker tournament prizes are given for the WSOP, the WPT, and the PPT.

Nevertheless, other poker tournament prizes are profitable and worth while, and these are the tournament prizes you should go for before trying your luck with the pro's.

Matthew Dorst
Web Publisher

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