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Detailed Breakdown of The WSOP Tournament Circuit Event #6

On March 12, 2007, Robert Zarzycki won first place at the World Series of Poker Circuit Tournament held at the Caesars Atlantic City. He won about $90,000. The poker tournament (tournament #6) with about $300 in total buy-in cost attracted about 1,155 poker players, which made it the 2nd biggest event in the history of the World Series of Poker.

After about 1,146 poker players were eliminated during the first 2 days of 18 exhausting hours of poker play, 9 players qualified for the final table. Robert Flesher began the play with a slight chip lead over Zarzycki and the rest of the final table. The blinds in the tournament started at around 4,000-8,000 with an ante of about 1,000.

On the second hand of play during the game, Ivan Carter played strong and raised the ante to about four-four, but that did not pay-off. Zarzycki then played with an A and Q and defeated Carter easily. An ace during the flop sent Carter packing and he finished in 9th place, taking home a total of $6,930 in prize money. Mr. Warren Wiggins was the next player to get booted out of the competition.

Wiggins attempted to raise an astounding upset but ended up in 8th place. Dangerously low or lacking in total chips, Wiggins tried to move in with an A-3. However, unfortunately he was called out by chip leader, Robert Zarzycki, who had an A, K, in his possession. Wiggins went home with a total of $10,395 in tournament winnings.

Next, Mike Wuest and Mike Kalfa, 2 of the players at the table went head to head. Wuest tried to move in with his K and J of diamonds but ran into Kalfa's K and K, which caused him to lose the head to head. He finished in 7th place and took home a total of $13,860. When there were only 6 players, Mickey Meehan was already in big trouble.

He started the game with over 500,000 chips in his possession but his opponents started chipping away on that lead. With just over 100,000 chips in his position, he then tried to steal with his 9 and 6. But Robert Flesher had jacks and made a call. He then took home a total of $17,325 in total prizes.

Rich Johnson was dealt an eight-eight and tried to move in. But current chip leader Rob Flesher called with his K and Q of clubs. He took home a total of $20,790. With 4 players remaining at the table, something astounding happened. Mr. Flesher lost all of his chips in 3 large pots, which caused Flesher to settle for 4th place and take home a total of $24,255 in cash prizes.

With 3 players remaining, Kalfa and Zarzycki fought it out for the chip lead. Although he did not succeed, he was able to take Scotch out later on. Scotch had to settle for 3rd place, taking home around $27,720.

Thus began the one-on-one fight between Kalfa and Zarzycki, with Kalfa's five to four chip lead on Zarzycki. The blinds were at 50,000 and 100,000, but Zarzycki was able to finish off on what chip lead Kalfa had, relegating Kalfa to the runner-up finish. Kalfa took home a total of $47,815, while Zarzycki took home a total of $90,075 and the WSOP gold ring.


03/21/2007, Wednesday
Sherry Barlow

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