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Poker tournaments articles

Online Poker Tournament Blinds

In the online world of tournament poker, the gambling procedures are quite different from regular poker games such as Texas Hold'em poker which is played in regular poker tables or in a ring game.

One of the main differences in the betting structure concerns the poker tournament blinds. Blinds are differnt in a tournament especially an online poker tournament so you should know what you are getting yourself into.

Dealing with Raised Tournament Blinds

As the poker tournament progresses, so do the stakes raise, as well as the blinds. If they didn't rise, the tournament would take forever to finish. This way the players are under pressure to act or otherwise face being swallowed up by the blinds which no-one wants. This is an even bigger deal when it comes to Multi Table Tournaments and deciding on your Multi Table Tournament strategy. It becomes a huge factor in massive tournaments such as the World Series of Poker.

Because poker tournament players value staying in the game, most of them implement tight play during the tournament. This means that they will usually not put up a fight at the start of the game in order to protect the tournament blind bets. For them, the blind bets represent a small amount that is not worth risking. In actuality, the tournament blinds are usually worth between 10%-15% of the total pot worth at the time of the showdown.

Some players do protect their blinds, and once you recognize them in the tournament, you can know how to use this information against them to draw more raises from them and clean them out.

Blind Bets Gambling Structure

The blinds influence the entire poker tournament betting structure. This is because the early game blinds are small and allow for large raises, while the later game blinds are more substantial. Using a strategy of playing just to grab the tournament blinds is a great strategy to use in various online poker tournaments, and it is even better if you combine it with other strategies as well.

Todd Sanders.
Senior Editor

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