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Poker news

The Biggest Pot in High Stakes Poker History

On November 13th, 2007, the latest episode of the High Stakes Poker tournament saw the largest cash pot in its existence contested by players. Over $700,000 was on the pit during the heads-up showdown between Jamie Gold and Patrik Antonius. With the minimum buy-in cost in the tournament raised to $500,000, the High Stakes Poker event has been really interesting in the last few episodes.

In that particular hand, Patrik Antonius get As/Jd and raised the stakes to $4,000. Jamie Gold then looked down on pocket kings and re-raised the stakes to $14,000. Only Patrick Antonius called at that round. Then the flop came at 3s/Qd/Th. Antonius checked and Gold wagered $15,000 with the use of his overpair.

Antonius called with the use of his one overcard and a gut-shot/straight/draw. Astonishingly, the turn produced the Kh. Gold now possess the top set, while Antonius possessed the nuts, an ace high straight card hand. Antonius wagered $45,000 and Gold chose to move all-in at $341,500. Antonius called, making it the largest cash pot in the history.

Since it is considered as a cash games, players are permitted to make deals in these kinds of situations. Gold and Antonius decided to play the river 3 times, with $250,000 at stake for each card. Being an underdog, Jamie Gold was hoping to get at least a single good card and when the dealer put down the Qh on the poker table, which gave Gold a full house, he shouted in Joy.

The luck of the 2006 world series of poker Main Event champion's good streak continued when another river card was given. The 3d handed Gold another full house. Jamie Gold was hoping for the case king to come out for the 3rd time but it was the 8s that come out. Antonius finally collected a third of the cash pot. High Stakes Poker AJ Benza commented that Antonius had a really good game against Gold.


12/10/2007, Monday
Matthew Dorst

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