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Poker news

Ali Tekintamgac Wins the 2010 World Poker Tour Spanish Championship

The WPT (world poker tour Spanish Championship) ended on May 24th, 2010 when Ali Tekintamgac outwitted a field of 326 participants to take home the 315,000 euros cash prize, a $25,000 dollars slot in the 2011 World Poker Tour championship and a Tiffany bracelet.

Tekintamgac scored his first major poker tournament victory to go with his first poker event cash-in, which he achieved at the EPT (European Poker Tour) Grand Final in Monte Carlo, where he finished in 125th place earlier this month. Tekintamgac said that he feels that he is playing better now compared with his playing style twenty years ago.

The final table of the WPT Spanish Championship took place in Barcelona, Spain. Here are the chip counts at the beginning of the final table: Ali Tekintamgac (Germany)-1,522,000, Manuel Blaschke (Austria)-849,000, Roberto Santiago (Spain)-573,000, Bartolome Romero (Spain)-530,000, Manuel Cozar (Spain)-366,000, Erik Iremark (Sweden)-352,000, Emil Mattsson (Sweden)-288,000, Mads Hansen (Denmark)-287,000 and Tristan Clemencon (France)-139,000.

Manuel Cozar was the first one to go home in 9th place (21,400 euros) when he decided to move all-in with his A/Q and Tekintamgac called with his pocket nines. Tristan Clemencon then doubled twice and Mads Hansen doubled once before Bartolome Romero decided to move all-in with his pocket 6's against Manuel Blaschke's J/J and Mats Erik's A/K. The jacks held up and Romero was sent home in 8th place (31,000 euros).

A few hands later, Emil Mattson moved all-in with his A/J but Roberto Santiago challenged with his pocket kings. Mattson was then eliminated in 7th place (41,000 euros). Clemencon's run in the tournament finally ended in 6th place (51,000 euros) when his queen-high fell against Blaschke's king/high.

Mats Erik doubled twice and then Hansen took a bad beat to finish in 5th place (61,000 euros). Hansen possessed A/J and Blashcke called with his A/10. The board revealed K-7-4-J-Q and Blaschke executed a straight on the river to win the card hand. Blashcke's luck finally ran out when he moved all-in with his K/8 and ran into Tekintamgac's pocket aces.

Another ace dropped on the board and Blaschke was out in 4th place (71,000 euros). Erik Iremark decided to move all-in and he did so with his pocket queens on an 8/7/3 board. But it did not matter because Tekintamgac fought back with his pocket aces. An ace dropped on the board and that sent Iremark home in 3rd place (81,000 euros).

That rewarded Tekintamgac 4.1 million chips to take into the heads-up showdown against Roberto Santiago who just have 800,000 chips. Santiago moved all-in with his 9(diamonds) 8(hearts) pre-flop and Tekintamgac held Q (clubs) 5(clubs).

The board revealed A(hearts) K(hearts) 5(hearts) Q(diamonds) 2(diamonds) and Santiago was sent home in 2nd place (160,000 euros). Tekintamgac won the card hand and the event to take home the 1st place cash prize of 315,000 euros.

The next World Poker Tour event is the Bellagio Cup VI, which will take place in Las Vegas, Nevada on July 11th, 2010-July 16th, 2010.


08/12/2010, Thursday
Sherry Barlow

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