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Poker news

The 2nd Day of the EPT German Open

On May 13th, 2009, the historic 667 participants at the EPT German Open have made a total cash pool of 3,335,000 euros. The remaining 251 poker players on the second day of competition were vying for the $917,000 first place prize and would play well into the money before the end of the day. Early bust outs in the tournament were EPT Barcelona champion Sebastian Ruthenberg and WSOP bracelet winner Davidi Kitai of Belgium.

Ruthenberg declared an all-in with his A and eight cards from the cut off and was called by the small blind, which possess pocket jacks. Things look good for him as the board placed A, A and 2 but the turn bought devastating new with the J and 3 on the river. Kitai then raised from the small blind with his 6 and 4 cards and got a single caller. The flop revealed K, five and two cards with a single spade. Kitai then checked his inside straight draw and his fellow player 2,500. Davidi Kitai then raise to five thousand, which was then called by his opponent. The turn revealed a J, giving Kitai a flush draw so he decided to go all in.

His opponent then called and the river revealed a blank. He was edge out of the competition by a K and 7 cards for the top pair. Other early exits on the 2nd day of the competition in Dortmund were poker pros Jonas Klausen and Johannes Strassman who called all in with ten-ten cards to be met with an A and K, which hit an A-Q-J card during the flop, with the river showing a ten, giving his opponent a straight. Poker pro Daan Ruiter from the Netherlands was doing well by mid-session and claimed the chip leader spot with 175,000. However, Ruiter came a cropper after grabbing the top spot for a short time.

Ruiter raised during the small blind and his opponent Martin Hansen reraised, Ruiter decided to go all in and Hansen called Ruiter with his A and K cards and Hansen showed A and J cards. The first card brought luck for Ruiter, but that was not good enough: K-Ten-Six-Q and X and the Dutchman who had been doing extremely well was astonishing put out of action. Last year's champion Mike McDonald was up and down during the 2nd day.

One cash pot that helped poker pro Vincent Wagner reveal pocket 7's for a flopped set but Mike McDonald also possess a flopped set of 8's. Wagner was edge out of the tournament and McDonald was up to 125,000 in total chips.

The top ten chip leaders at the end of the 2nd day are Holger Kanisch of Germany with 526,500 chips, Marc Gork of Germany with 441,500 chips, Sandra Naujoks of Germany with 410,500 chips, Steve Jelinek of United Kingdom with 347,000 chips, Michael McDonald of Canada with 337,500 chips, Umberto Vitagliano of Italy with 325,000 chips, Cengizcan Ulusu of Turkey with 286,000 chips, Brandon Hall of USA with 249,500 chips, Martin Bjerring Hansen of Denmark with 248,500 chips and Florian Langmann of Germany with 245,500 chips.


04/16/2009, Thursday
Matthew Dorst

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